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Signed Prints

made with

acrylic inks

acid-free paper


Friends & Family 

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petermania | Friends And Family
arthur blyn Friends & Family

hilda blyn | Friends & Family

before the prom | Friends & Family

Noah Schreck



Don't mess with Betty

Patrick & Julie at their Wedding



noah and max


As a teenager Joel studied painting with Polish artist Leo Cizes and later, at New York’s Art Students League.  In the 1960s, he became interested in photography, but his art is about crafting images rather than taking pictures. 


In 1968, Joel and his wife Betty, founded Exposure on New York’s lower East side.  Exposure was successful in selling 2 prints to MOMA, and having 3 shows published as books.  During the1960’s, Joel showed work there as well as at several other New York galleries. A.D. Coleman,  photography critic of the New York Times at that time described him as a technical master. His photographs from that period were one of a kind images crafted with bleaches, dyes, and toners.  


In 1970 Joel and Betty moved from Manhattan to Berkeley California.  Impressed by the amazing flora of Northern California they began crafting Oshibana, pictures made with pressed flowers. From 1972-1980, their floral compositions, known as Flora, and Wilderness Cards, were sold at scores of galleries throughout coastal California.


In 1985, while working for McGraw Hill, Joel discovered digital art. Today his work includes monochrome photography as well as digital art.  



Art Students League, Group Show, NYC, 1965


Exposure Gallery, Group Show, NYC 1968

Underground Gallery, Group Show, NYC 1968


Exposure Gallery, One Artist Show, NYC, 1969

Westby Gallery, Group Show, Rutgers University, 1970


Studio Show, One Artist Show 'Looking Down', Berkeley CA,  2004

Studio Show, One Artist Show 'Looking Up', Berkeley CA, 2008

Portfolio Acquisition, Louis Klaitman Collection, Berkeley CA, 2017

Studio Show, One Artist Show 'Art of Dr. Shen', Berkeley, 2018

Blackboard Gallery, Collectors Show, Camarillo CA, 2022

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