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neon water spirit.jpg

feline water spirit #1

Impossible Images 

Painting with computers, Joel creates art not easily rendered with either painting or photography.

Joel studied drawing at New York’s Art Students League, landscape painting with Leo Cizes,

He founded Exposure Gallery on New York’s lower East side.  During the1960’s, he exhibited there and at several other East Coast galleries.

In 1970, the photography critic at New York's Village Voice described him as a technical master. Joel's photographs from that period were individually crafted with bleaches, dyes, and toners. You can find examples of this work from the 1960s here. 


In 1970 he moved from Manhattan to Berkeley California.  Impressed by the amazing flora of Northern California Joel and his wife Betty began crafting Oshibana Art, pictures made with pressed flowers. In the 1970’s, his Oshibana Art sold at scores of galleries throughout coastal California.


In 1985, he discovered digital media, which changed everything. "Now I paint with images, not just colors."  I call the art PhotoGraphics."


paradise skyline montage-72.jpg

Paradise Skyline

paradise skyline

plastic water.jpg

sitting water spirit #2

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city on planet x.jpg

urban mindscape

planet x.jpg

living on planet x

thoughtforms 2

skull and ghost-72.jpg

skull and ghost


planet claire

say ah-72.jpg

say ahh

arrow portal-400.jpg

arrow scribble

water torture-400.jpg

water torture

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planet x.jpg

living on planet x

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