Recent Work

international agent: Louis Klaitman

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ro call 510-912-6674

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neon water spirit.jpg

feline water spirit #1

fountain at buchart garden in Victoria BC - $60 - $100

mouse over for info

paradise skyline montage-72.jpg

paradise skyline

composite montage of Oakland skyline, Virginia swamp, and a Berkeley garden - $250
digital painting of thoughts and feelings $250

thoughtforms 2

plastic water.jpg

sitting water spirit #2

bouchart garden waterfall (see previous image) - $250
city on planet x.jpg

urban mindscape

reality is like silly putty -  $250
santa cruz pier-monster-72.jpg

santa cruz pier monster

from our balcony at the Dream Inn -  $60 - $100
planet x.jpg
panoramic of SF hipsters + angels + mountains + other worldly sky -  $250

living on planet x

skull and ghost-72.jpg
skull and ghost - halloween images -  $60 - $100

skull and ghost


planet claire

explanation impossible- $60 - $100
london revealed.jpg

truth be told

truer nature of existance revealed - $60 - $100
behind the curtain-72.jpg
photomontage - $60 - $100

behind the veil

street art composite-72.jpg

street art composite

composite and graphic alteration of two pieces of italian street art - $60 - $100

world of green

montage of money, forest photo, digital painting
santa cruz beach montage-72-flat.jpg
gulls on the beach from our balcony with drawing $250

santa cruz summer


7" x 9" $60

9" x 12" $80

16" x 20" $100

little fish-72.jpg

little fish


Impossible images 


I combine painting and photography with computers to create art that can't be easily rendered with either paint or photography, or with any other conventional media.

As a teenager I studied painting with Polish artist Leo Cizes and later, at New York’s Art Students League.  In the 1960s, I became interested in photography, but even before I bought my first camera, I built a darkroom. My art has always been about crafting pictures rather than taking pictures. 


In 1968 I, my wife Betty and I, founded Exposure Gallery on New York’s lower East side.  During the1960’s, I exhibited my work there and at other East Coast galleries. A.D. Coleman,  photography critic of the New York Times at that time described me as a technical master. My photographs from that period were one of a kind images individually crafted using bleaches, dyes, and toners. You can find examples of this work from the 1960s here.  


In 1970 I moved from Manhattan to Berkeley California.  Impressed by the amazing flora of Northern California I began crafting Oshibana, pictures made with pressed flowers. In the 1970’s, my Wilderness Cards were sold at scores of galleries throughout coastal California.


In 1985, while l was working for McGraw Hill, I was introduced to digital media, which profoundly influenced my work. Where once I painted with colors, I could now paint with images. Today my work includes both black and white photography as well as digital art.  I hope you enjoy it.