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Space Fun

space fun-72.jpg
fixing a hole in the firmament
swallowing a star.jpg
swallowing a star
beam me up-72.jpg
beam me up
micro arrows-72.jpg
arrows in inner space
space anomaly-72.jpg
space anomaly #8
space montage-3.jpg
space pilot
eyes of god.jpg
eyes of god
penis rocket-72.jpg
the artist in his penis rocket

Joel Schreck aka Dr. Shen

I blend painting and photography using computers and my imagination.


b.1943,  New York City

As a teenager, I studied painting and drawing with Polish artist Leo Cizes and later at New York’s Art Students League. 

In 1968, my wife Betty and I opened Exposure Gallery.  It was New York’s first photography gallery since Stieglitz’s An American Place in the 1930's.  From 1968 – 1973, I showed at Exposure as well as several other East Coast venues.

In 1970 we moved to Berkeley California, discovered its amazing flora, and began crafting pictures with pressed flowers. The UC Berkeley Art Museum sold my 'Oshibana' and and so did scores of galleries throughout coastal California.

In the 1980s,  I discovered how use computers to blend photography with my painting.  I've spent the next 35 years perfecting this craft, learning to 'paint with light' and to craft my inner landscapes in new and often surprising ways..

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