Here's Betty

Dedicated to the One I Love

betty in montreal-72.jpg

Betty at Montreal Expo  1967

betty chihuly silohuette-72.jpg

 Betty at Chihuly museum


Betty Portrait  2019

betty at beach platinum-72.jpg

Betty at Beach  circa 2009

betty on the beach-72.jpg

Betty at Beach     2019

betty hair and baseball cap.JPG

Betty from Behind

betty and knife.jpg

Don't mess with Betty

betty as witch.jpg

Life is Short .   Halloween  2015

close-betty's ear.JPG

Betty in Baja . 2018

betty-kathy-and clown.jpg

Betty, Kathy, & Clown .  1968

betty-noah-jenny as babies-72.jpg

Betty Jenny & Noah   1974


Betty Sings

sad betty with flower.JPG

Betty with Daisy .  circa 2007

betty with meat platter.jpg

Here's the Meat, Betty in Bucharest    2019

hippy joel and betty 2.jpeg

 At Bennett's Wedding: Ruth, Joel, & Betty   1967