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halloween fousome-72.jpg
trick or treat (circa. 2008)
disembodied spirits (2019)
skull and ghost-72.jpg
ghost and skull (2018)
pumpkin ghost-72.jpg
halloween ghostie (circa 2002)
bulb rocks-72.jpg
ghost in the rocks (circa 2012)
ghost in the machine-72.jpg
ghosts in the machine (2017)
halloween _5191-72.jpg
trick or treaters at the door (circa 2012)
halloween 5183.JPG
jack-o-lantern (circa 2000)
santa cruz pier-monster-72.jpg
santa cruz pier monster (2018)


Impossible images 


I combine painting and photography with computers to create art not easily rendered with either paint or photography, or with any other conventional media.

As a teenager I studied painting with Polish artist Leo Cizes and later, at New York’s Art Students League.  In the 1960s, I became interested in photography, but my art has always been about crafting pictures rather than taking pictures. 


In 1968 I, my wife Betty and I, founded Exposure Gallery on New York’s lower East side.  During the1960’s, I exhibited my work there and at other East Coast galleries. A.D. Coleman,  photography critic of the New York Times at that time described me as a technical master. My photographs from that period were one of a kind images individually crafted using bleaches, dyes, and toners. You can find examples of this work from the 1960s here.  


In 1970 I moved from Manhattan to Berkeley California.  Impressed by the amazing flora of Northern California I began crafting Oshibana, pictures made with pressed flowers. In the 1970’s, my Wilderness Cards were sold at scores of galleries throughout coastal California.


In 1985, I was introduced to digital media, which profoundly influenced my work. Where once I painted with colors, I could now paint with images. Today my work includes both black and white photography as well as digital art.  I hope you enjoy it.


Group Show, Art Students League, NYC, 1960

Group Show, Klapper Library Art Center, Queens College, CUNY  1964

Group Show, Exposure Gallery, NYC 1968


One Artist Show, Exposure Gallery, NYC, 1969

Group Show, Westby Gallery, Rutgers University, 1970


'Looking Down', Studio Show, Creston Rd Gallery, Berkeley CA,  2004

'Looking Up', Studio Show Creston Rd, Berkeley CA, 2008

'Art of Dr. Shen', Studio Show Creston Rd. Berkeley, 2018

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